About Institution

 Background of IDSS

Institute of Development Studies and Sustainability (IDSS) at United International University (UIU) is committed to interdisciplinary hub for research, teaching, and collaborations for narrowing down the science-policy gap towards sustainable development. The IDSS promises to advance knowledge of Sustainable Development through its graduate and diploma programs, outreach programs for the broader community, and faculty research. The IDSS is committed to managing and expanding the interdisciplinary major in Development Studies and Sustainability by providing students with fellowships, scholarships, and study opportunities through collaborations with universities in Asian countries. Finally, the institute promises to contribute to UIU’s vision of becoming the center of excellence in teaching, learning and research in the South Asian region.


Vision of IDSS

Knowledge based peaceful, Green and Sustainable Society.


Mission of IDSS

Interdisciplinary Education and Research towards building strengthened human capital to lead sustainable development missions through collaboration and collective actions.


Objectives of IDSS

  • To study political, social, economic, humanitarian and other challenges of Sustainable Development in Bangladesh and Asia.
  • To promote and undertake research on current development issues, ethnic diversities, gender, migration, sociolinguistic and cultural studies of Bangladesh and other Asian countries.
  • To run collaborative empirical research to generate and share knowledge of sustainability and contribute in reducing science-policy gaps.
  • To initiate and maintain international academic exchange, affiliation and coordination of research activities of Bangladeshi and Asian scholars.
  • To organize national and international seminars, conferences and disseminate its research works in various publications.