MDS Program

The United International University (UIU) offers Master in Development Studies (MDS) since 2009 with a commitment to contribute in producing young profesionals with capacity of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to response to the growing demand of profesionals in government, NGO and private sectors in Bangladesh. MDS program focuses on interdisciplinary Education and Research. Students have scope of engaging in collaborative research project; Present papers in International Conference on Sustainable Development held every February at UIU;Produce and pulish article jointly with UIU faculty; build networks with development organizations, research and education instituitions through participation in forums and seminars. Currently, three of MDS students are working in a research project as a research assistant under Institute of Development Study and Sustainability (IDSS), at UIU. And they are doing great in this field. They have financially been benefited as well as increasing their knowledge, knack and experience day by day.


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