Postgraduate Diploma in Inclusive Finance and Sustainable Development


The term “sustainable development” has many definitions and applications. A common denominator is that living standards for human beings must improve – but without jeopardizing the possibility for future generations to enjoy equally good conditions. ‘Inclusive Finance is an integral component of sustainable development. Increasing financial inclusion ensures that formal financial services such as loans, deposit and saving accounts, payment services and insurance are readily available to households and businesses that they can use these actively and effectively to meet their specific needs. Greater access to inclusive finance services is a key enabler for many of the SDGs especially for SDG 1 (no poverty), SDG 2 (zero hunger), SDG 3 (good health and well-being), SDG 4 (quality education), and SDG 10 (reduced inequalities) for households; small and medium enterprises in terms of SDG 5 (gender equality) and SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth) as well as for SDG 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure) and SDG 13 (climate action).

The Institute of Development Studies and Sustainability (IDSS) at United International University has created the Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Finance & Sustainable Development (PGDIFSD) to meet the growing demands from professional sectors. As a student of the PGDIFSD Program, will use comprehensive work methods where the sum is greater than the individual parts. In addition to the content of the specialization, student will gain holistic interdisciplinary competence in the field of inclusive finance and sustainable development. This interdisciplinary program improves students understanding of other subject areas and knowledge of opportunities and challenges with inclusive finance and sustainable development.

Structure of the Program:

  • Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Finance &Sustainable Development (PGDIFSD)
  • Duration: 06 Months
  • Total Credit Hours: 21
  • Total Courses: 06
  • Total Classes: 72 (12 classes for each course)
  • Class Hour: 02 Hours (Lecture +1 Hour Assignment)
  • Tuition Fees: BDT 46000
  • Online application fees: BDT 1000
  • Total Seats: 30
  • Mode: Online

Performance Assessment Methods:

  • Attendance – 5%
  • Class Tests – 5%
  • Assignments – 10%
  • Presentation – 20%
  • Field Study – 10%
  • Midterm Exam – 20%
  • Final Exam – 30%
    Total – 100%



PGDInFO1: Inclusive Finance: Operations and Management

PGDInF02: Financial Planning & Analysis of MFIs

PGDInF03: Sustainable Development- Policy and Tools

PGDInF04: Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation Approaches

PGDInFO5: Monitoring of MFIs Microfinance Program

PGDInF06: Human Resources Development of Fls/MFls


  • Professionals of NGOs, MFIs, Banks, and Finance Institutions
  • Bachelor degree in any discipline
  • Women professionals are especially encouraged.