Youth Intervention for Peace and Harmony: Building Bridges for Prevention of Extremism & Radicalism in Bangladesh

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Nowadays, one of the biggest questions faced by the researchers and policy makers of prevent violent extremism is why the youth in Bangladesh get radicalized. To explore this issue it is important to acknowledge that youth is full of energy and enthusiasm which needs to be channeled in a constructive manner. Young minds look for change in life and society and they seek opportunities to get involved in nation building works. They also seek recognition for their contributions to society.

Social Action and Mobilization for Prevention of Radicalization and Extremism through Enhanced and Targeted Interventions (SAMPREETI) is a project of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) is working to address this burning concern of Bangladesh. As one of the wings of United International University (UIU), the Institute of Development Studies and Sustainability (IDSS) has received generous fund from SAMPREETI for implementing its project titled “Youth Intervention for Peace and Harmony: Building Bridges for Prevention of Extremism & Radicalism in Bangladesh” for youth and also for their guardians of Dhaka city especially among graduate students of Universities and Degree Colleges.

This project focuses on youth empowerment because IDSS believes that nurturing their resilience will prevent their involvement in violent extremism and radicalizations, and instead transform them into agents of positive change. The IDSS will provide a frame work for action that will mobilize at multiple levels to empower young women and men with the values, knowledge, capacities and skills to hold exchanges, communicate online/offline and cooperate across social and cultural boundaries. In doing so, IDSS hopes to enable young women and men to become responsible citizens, resilient to any form of abuse or manipulation, including violent extremism, and to mobilize critical thinking to prevent them. Total fifteen events were covered by IDSS throughout this six months project. Among them, four trainings, four seminars, four interactive sessions, two talk shows, one chess tournament and one debate competition has been done along with the closing program of this project.

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